1934 Auburn Salon Speedster

Aubu rn, the pre-war american brand, has build some of the most gorgeous cars in 30s.  Realted with Duesenberg, another amazing 30’s brand.  Looks at this boat tail body, built by coachbuilder McFarlan of Connersville. Even they built a V12 version, this a V8 unit full restored by expert Randy Ema. Photos by Zefrey Throwell.

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2019 Bentley EXP 100 GT

Bentley created a new concept to celebrate the centenary as well as to show the future designs. A long car, refreshing Bentley grill, looking for a differentiating design (they have lose it a little bit on the new Spur, clearly using VW designs!). I’ve loved the the round headlights overlapping the grille, or the rear lights […]

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1967 Chevrolet Corvette (L88)

60’s Corvette are a legend… let me use an excuse to post again this car. I want to present you one of the 20 Corvettes built with the L88 performance package option for racing competition (forged rods, 12.5:1 pistons, aluminum heads… etc.). Cabrio or not cabrio you can fall in love with both.

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2019 BMW Vision M Next

BMW has a problem…  except some special cars, like the new 2017 Z4, the 2018 8 series,  and the gorgeous 2011 i8….  the design of the rest of the cars are boring, or even, horrible. Have you seen the new Series 1, what a kidneys! Same on the new 7 series… terrible. BMW needs to […]

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2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

Ferrari keep growing the iconic family of Berlinettas: two seater mid-rear-engined cars, lately with V8.  The new F8 Tributo it’s a kind of a refreshed 2016 488 GTB, not a brand-new car.  Not easy to choose the new one or the 488 GTB…  now a nicer spoiler, more modern front ligths… but we are losing the […]

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