1964 AC Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Another nice car from Shelby, and from the 60’s. Like cobra is one of the most “replicated” cars in the world. Nowadays u can buy this car! Of course, replica not the original, but we need to say thanks to his companies that brings us the beauty from old cars to our days. If u have enough money, u can ask to buy a Cobra or a Daytona Coupe “replica” at:  http://www.shelbydaytonacobra.co.uk/

Here u have some historic notes that explain how Dayton Coupe rises from, probably the most known, AC Cobra.

During much of his active racing career Carroll Shelby raced against Ferrari(s). That did not change when he turned to building his own racing car, the Cobra. This well-honed machine was more than a match for Italy’s finest on the tight American tracks, winning the USRRC Championship in 1963. However on the high-speed tracks that hosted the FIA GT World Championship rounds the Shelby Cobra was let down by its poor (brick-like) aerodynamics. The ‘FIA specification’ Cobras were fitted with special hard-tops but these did not lower the drag sufficiently to keep up with the less powerful Ferraris on the straights. Shelby realized that far more drastic measures were needed and he asked his head of special projects Pete Brock to pen a low drag coupe body.
[text by to http://www.ultimatecarpage.com].


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