2010 Porsche 918 Spyder concept

I know, this car has it’s importance in Porsche’s history ‘cos it’s an hybrid car.  With a 3.4 litre V8 engine (500 horsepower) supplemented by three electric motors delivering an additional 218 horsepower (163 kW).

But… for gorgeouscars.com, the important is that we forgive the last incredible uglies cars from Stuttgart. I mean, Panamera, Cayenne… muy god, what a butted-rhino/hippo cars!.

But now, this mid-engined concept sports car make feel in peace with Porsche. Since Carrera GT (look the back light of 918 are similar to GT) Porsche didn’t sell new gorgeous models. I must say also that sometimes, a few ones, they looks like they are finding a “classic way” on his models that i like. I’m speaking of new “250 limited series of Classic 911” and the new Boxster Spyder. I’m gonna publish some pics of both. Thanks Porsche… but i’m not sure is enough to forgive you the Cayenne and the Panamera.


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