1964 Ford GT40

I’m posting pics of the Ford GT40 MkI painted with Gulf colours. This machine is builded to finish the Ferrari’s dominion in Lemans in the sixties. It finally won from 1966 until 1969, and it becomes a classic of sporty beauty.  You can find the Gulf colours in the new Ford GT40 (i’ll posted soon), they become a classic sporty painting.

Once upon a time… “in the spring of 1963, Ford reportedly received word through a European intermediary that Enzo Ferrari was interested in selling to Ford Motor Company. Ford reportedly spent several million dollars in an audit of Ferrari factory assets and in legal negotiations, only to have Ferrari unilaterally cut off talks at a late stage. Ferrari, who wanted to remain the sole operator of his company’s motor sports division, was angered when he was told that he would not be allowed to race at the Indianapolis 500  if the deal went through. Enzo cut the deal off out of spite and Henry Ford II, enraged, directed his racing division to find a company that could build a Ferrari-beater on the world endurance-racing circuit.

This text is from wikipedia. At least, Lola was chosen for design that car (i’m sure u know Lola if u like USA car racing).

There is a small trap in the last pic: u can see the new Ford GT in front of the classic GT40.


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