2004 Porsche Carrera GT

September, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love this car… it’s the last time i felt in love with a Porsche. I hope the new final 918 hybrid return to porsche the great designs, ‘cos the concept is very nice.

The Carrera GT is a very special Porsche, it’s an v10, not the classic V6 engine in 911. Sure they were trying to build the best supercar in the world, as they tried with the 959. Altough this time, the car was born to win Le Mans. But it never raced, it’s Cayenne fault (the need of money and technicians to get the ugly-hyppo-Cayenne to the market).  Another reason to hate it.

Only about 1300 cars had been manufactured.

Enjoy the pics of the 1999 concept and the commercial one.

Comments: The new 318 back looks like a modern interpretation of the Carrera GT.

Comments: If u see yellow inside a Porsche wheel, it means “ceramic” brakes.



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