BMW M3 25th anniversary

Sure, the BMW M3 has become the most successful touring car in motor-sport history. From 1986 until now, we enjoy a lot every time we see a car like this on our streets. Always it has been an example of a powerful engine in an amazing handling car.  The usual 6-cylinder inline engine was its heart most of the time, becoming a legend between the sporty drivers. Last model has a V8… i’m not sure it’s a good idea, an M3 always was a great handling car, and too much weight is not a good way to improve that. We all are expecting the new 1-Series M Car, ‘cos in size and in weight it gonna be more similar to the first and too much loved M3 than the new ones.

This car is more about getting “the most enjoyable driving in the world” than a sexy design. Although some generation it’s really nice, for example the e46 CSL lives in the wallpaper of a lot of desktops.


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