2011 Morgan Three Wheeler

From 1909 to 1953 around 30,000 Morgan Threewheelers were manufactured… and in 2011 it’s come back!

I’m not sure we can name “car” to it, but i like the WWII style and V-engine in front of the car. Morgan talks about “downsizing and a philosophy of simplicity”, i’m sure it will be funny to drive the 3-wheeler, because it’s very light.

All brands are downsizing the engines, a new “Turbo’s age” has come. U can find a lot of examples, the TSI engines from VW, the new V8 M5 instead of V10, the 2-cylinders Fiat 500, and a lot more…     This Morgan is “cool” downsizing,  pure british-styled, a fancy way to get a sporty driving with a very low fuel consumption.


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