2007 Nissan GT-R

My second Nissan in this blog. A really “affordable” super car, 530 bhp for about 85.000$ (2010 edition), four wheel drive and more than 300 km/h  (193 mph).

GT-R become famous because is currently one of the fastest production cars to lap the Nürburgring circuit, more than any production Porsche 911. This circuit located in Germany is used by the best brands to test their fastest cars.

This car it’s what u are expecting when u think of a high-tech japanese car, a lot of electronics to get the maximum speed. Polyphony Digital, makers of the world-renowned Gran Turismo series for Sony Play Station are responsible for a multiple function display inside the  car.

But… for me, it’s also a great design. I don’t like the front grill, but i love the rest of the car… a really gorgeous and modern design that deserves the success that it achieved.


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