100 Anniversary

I’m happy, i posted more than 100 entries in this blog 😉

I begin to think in pics of 100th anniversary celebration, and i’m surprised, there is not big “centenary pics”. So i decided to find…¿Which brands were founded more than 100 years ago and still are selling cars nowadays?  The list is short…

GERMANY:   Audi – 1909  (Volkswagen group),  Opel – 1862  (General Motors owned),  Maybach – 1909 (Mercedes Benz owned)
USA: Ford – 1903, Chevrolet – 1911  (General Motors owned), Buick – 1903 (GM owned), Cadillac – 1902  (GM owned)
UK:                     Morgan – 1910,  Rolls royce – 1906  (BMW owned), Vauxhall – 1903  (GM owned)
ITALY:              Fiat – 1899,  Lancia – 1906 (Fiat group),  Alfa romeo – 1910  (Fiat group)
FRANCE:         Renault – 1899, Peugeot – 1882, Bugatti – 1909 (Volkswagen group)
JAPAN:             Suzuki – 1909
CHESKY:          Skoda – 1895
AUSTRALIAHolden – 1856 (GM owned)

I don’t know the worldwide market good enough to be sure i’m not forgetting any brand, please write a comment or email me to get the list completed. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “100 Anniversary

    1. Right Daimler is a really old one, but the list is only for brands that are selling cars nowadays. Daimler is not producing any car right now…

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