2012 Aventador meets 2002 Murcielago

Great pics from Shiraki, a good oportunity to compare the new Aventador with the “old” Murcielago (SV edition).  Thanks Lambo! being italian or being german (Audi owned now)… guys, u doing us a little happier.


9 thoughts on “2012 Aventador meets 2002 Murcielago

    1. U r right man, VW Group owns… Lamborghini and Audi… and a lot of brands (Bentley, Seat, Skoda…). Audi has a closest relationship with Lamborghini ‘cos the sporty cars in both companies. For example the Lamborghini Gallardo V10 engine that u can find inside Audi R8 V10.

  1. I know that bud, that is why i said it. also the title says 2001 mucielago. that is more like a 2010. I’m assuming it is a typo. and also the r8’s v10 and the gallardo’s v10 are not the same engine. they are, however, based on similar platforms.

    1. I always try to post the year a car reach the market…

      Are there too many differences between both engines? or VW group make some differences as a marketing issue, trying to say that there are not the same 😉

  2. well the car in the pictures is a murcielago LP-670SV, that car wasn’t put into production until like 2009. I am just saying the information you post should agree with the pictures. You don’t want to be give other readers the wrong info, especially the one who don’t know the difference. Also the original 1st generation murcielago did not go into production until 2002

    1. I prefer to post the year of “generations” (not a new engine or a new spoiler). It’s not an easy choice, but I finally prefer it ‘cos it’s more clear.
      I found a lot of web sites that says Murcielago gone to production in 2001!!! Thanks man if u don’t say it to me I make a big mistake. I finally can confirm it was in 2002! Thanks man.

  3. Yeah, I’m not doing this to try and be a dick about it. I just don’t want you getting in some kind of trouble for displaying information that some of the manufacturers might not approve. I do like your site, and I think you pick some great cars to post about. You’re site was how I heard about the singer 911, which is a fantastic car.

    1. thanks man, for helping me with information, and thanks for your nice words about the site.

      I really enjoy posting cars I like, and it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one enjoying this site 😉

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