1937 Auto Union Streamliner

November, 2011 § 1 Comment

Auto Union was formed in 1932, merging Audi, DKW,  Horch and Wanderer.  But the unified company finally got “Audi” name, a present subsidiary of Volkswagen group.

1937 futuristic design with a 16 cylinder and 520hp!!  This car breaked 15 records in three days, and it’s the first car to achieve more than 400km per hour!



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  • […] This 853 model was especially popular among Germany’s rich and famous, it offered ‘Mercedes-Benz luxury’ at a very competitive price. It’s an interesting car as it’s the history of August Horch who  after working with Benz, in 1899 started producing cars under his own name.  After ten years due to a dispute he left the company he began, to form Audi (the latin translation of his surname).  In 1932, financial problems forced August to sell Audi, which joined the Horch company, DKW (Das Kleine Wunder), and Wanderer as Auto Union (built cars as gorgeous as Streamliner). […]

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