2009 Lexus LFA

Somepeople says that Toyota build quality cars but boring cars.  But there is some nice exceptions, 1967 2000 GT, the funnies mid-engine MR2 and of course who doesn’t love Toyota Supra?

It looks like Akio Toyoda (grandson of the founder—and the man currently in charge of the company) wants to put some soul back into their cars.  For example, the gorgeous 2014 Toyota FT-1.  Probably the best effort to bring sports to Toyota (using F as the sport letter mark) was this LFA.  A car with limites production to 500 copies with an 4.8 liters V10 engine,

This car has gorgeous designs on some parts,  like the rear bumper featuring a triple exhaust placed in an inverted triangle formation, or the shape of the metal near the side Windows. But at the same time, I think they need to improve the front fascia of the car to get an all-time classic.



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