2015 Audi R8

First Audi RSQ as a concept, after it a gorgeous design for the 2006 R8… and now it’s time for a new R8 generation. A similar design to the 2006 car, but more aggresive with straighter edges. It keeps being a Lambo brother, this car shares aluminium-carbon chassis, transmission and V10 engine with 2015 amborghini Huracan.  

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2013 Audi R8

A facelifted R8 is ready for next year, redesigned bumper, 100% LED headlights, a new rounded exhaust… Not so many changes, and that’s good because it keeps being a really nice design.

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1998 Audi TT

An Audi, designed in California by  J Mays and Freeman Thomas.  An original rounded bodywork with a lack of defined bumpers, made this car and iconic design from 90’s. No matter It’s just a nice aliminum body over a popular  platform used for the Volkswagen Golf Mk4, Škoda Octavia or Seat Leon.

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