2012 Chrysler Viper SRT

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Chrysler, my friends, welcome to this new Viper. It’s nice to see again the nice voluptuous and curved bottom and side view of the Vipers. And also the “double bubble” roof.  That famous design inspired by “a naked woman on the beach”.  But, the beauty of the new headlights (designed to look like snake eyes) are very far from the great design in 1992 or even the  2006 Viper.



1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Convertible Victoria

January, 2012 § Leave a comment

A nice 30’s Chrysler bodied by Waterhouse over a CG Imperial chassis, the first 8-cylinder model from Chrysler. A really nice looking car designed in Massachusetts. There only 25, recently one was aucted for 500.000 $.

1933 Chrysler CL Imperial (Windshield Sport Phaeton)

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My first Chrysler in this blog. The first with the surname LeBaron. A design company from USA, with a name that tries to sound “french sophisticated” 😉

This car is really beautiful, one of the finest creation of LeBaron, only 151 were produced, with just 36 being dual windshield phaetons. It’s a pity Chrysler resurrected LeBaron name in 1977, it has been applied to five different cars but any of them are gorgeous or deserve this legacy.

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