2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10

The V10 engines appear in this millenium due to this car from Dodge.  I really loved the first edition (1992) with a very sensual design, but probably the zenith of the gorgeous Viper was the 1998 GTS or this SRT-10, really nice in this striped red.

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1970 Dodge Challenger

This car is a main character in “Vanishing Point” (1971 film) a classic film pursuit that Tarantino pays homenage in “Death Proof” (2007).  If u didn’t see this films I recommend u to look for the chase scene of these two films in Youtube. U gonna love it. I want to say thanks to Modern […]

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New retro muscle cars I: Challenger

Last years we’ve recieved happily three new “retro american muscle cars”. As Mini did, a great design came from and old one. I like the new Chevrolet Camaro, the new Ford Mustang and the new  Dodge Challenger. Three revisited classic cars that i want to share with u. I’m lucky ‘cos i’ve found similar pics […]

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