1935 Duesenberg J Model Convertible Coupe

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Designed by J. Herbert Newport, another gorgeous coupe from Duesenberg (USA). With a 6.8-liter inline eight-cilinder engine that produced 320 hp.  Recently auctioned and sold for 4,510,000 USD!



1931Duesenberg Long Wheelbase Model J Whittell Coupe

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This car is considered to be America’s most elegant automobile, one of the most gorgeous… And the most expensive until now! It was auctioned in 2011 for 10.000.000 USD!

This Duesenberg was designed by Murphy Coach Builders (under the direction of Captain George Whittell Jr) and there were less than 500 ever built from 1928 through 1936.

Enjoy this incredible car!

The Great Gatsby

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Fitzgerald was clear on the book: Gatsby has predilection for English luxury and he owned a Rolls-Royce.  So, the car could have been a 1922 Silver Ghost (three first pictures on this post).

In 2013 film instead, we’ll find a really nice american car, a Duesenber Model J (no matter that was born 7 years after Gatsby fiction death).  Of course, the race cars on the movie are with replica car, not 3M$ real ones 😉

Both are gorgeous cars that I like to share with u.

1935 Duesenberg SJ ‘Mormon Meteor’ Special

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Most Duesenbergs were built to reach prestige and luxe, but this was a pure race car built to set the 24-Hour land speed record.  It did it in 1936 (when this car became the ” Mormon Meteor “), also set a record of running 148.641 mph average for 48 hour period.

A Duesenberg designer, Herbert Newport, was appointed to design this nice and aerodynamic body work.  Probably, this is the greatest Duesenberg race car, not ‘cos is the fastest and most powerful…  but ‘cos was the last of this great manufacturer from USA.

1928 Duesenberg Model J

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Duesenberg was an american brand that tried to build the best car in the 30’s.  Beating Rolls-Royce, Cadillac, Bugatti and Hispano-Suiza. The introduction of Duesenberg Model J  was so significant that the New York Stock exchange was halted.  It was the most expensive car in America…. and last year (2010) a 1930 Duesenberg Model J was sold for $1.7 million!

Enjoy the pics of this car really gorgeous car.



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