1922 Hispano-Suiza H6B Skiff-Torpedo

Another car from one of my favourite brands: Hispano-Suiza, from Barcelona. Hispano-Suiza was known for refined chassis featuring the latest automotive innovations. When the H6 was introduced in 1919, it was one of the highest-quality chassis in the world and ans enormous six- cylinder engine built with traditional Hispano-Suiza refinement devoid of avant-garde technology. Advertisements

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1935 Hispano-Suiza K6 Cabriolet

If you see a hood orndament shaped as a flying stork… then you are looking a beauty from Hispano-Suiza, a company headquartered in Barcelona.  This gorgeous 1935 K6 Cabriolet, designed by Carrosserie Brandone, has a 125 bhp  5,184 cc inline six-cylinder engine. An also has an  heritage of concours successes.

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