2017 Jaguar e-type Concept Zero

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Electric-powered car means weird futuristic designs? Not any more!  Jaguar Land Rover Classic presented an electric-powered Jaguar E-type.  Most gorgeous electric car ever! Same beauty with an electric powertrain developing 220kW. Don’t blame about the weight, this e-type is 46kg lower than the original!  Look at the pictures, the digital dashboard or the engine…   If I have to forgot my 6-cyl and drive an electric… please make more classic cars like this!



1948 Jaguar “custom” Black Pearl

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Owned by James Hetfield (Metallica) this gorgeos cars gained inspiration from the 1930s European brands with teardrop contours and seamless body transitions. A deep black color with gold accents and Coker American Classic tires. Under the hood, there is a 375 horsepower Ford V8 engine. Enjoy the pics…


1956 Jaguar D-Type “Long nose”

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I’ve just post the “short nose”, compare it now with its gorgeous longnosed brother whit the big rear wing. Which one do you prefer?

That car , chassis no. XKD 604, is the first of just six works long-nose examples built for the 1956 season, the final year of Jaguar’s D-Type racing effort.

1956 Jaguar D-Type “short nose”

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The Jaguar D-Type sports-racing car design is one of the most gorgeous of all historic racing cars.  “Long nose” and “Short nose” D-Types won the Le Mans 24-Hours – and from 1955-1957 scoring an historic hat-trick of victories there.

This shortnose was owned and run by the Scottish team named Ecurie Ecosse, campaigned in their illustrious Flag Metallic Blue livery. Enjoy this pictures by Tom Ford.

1953 Jaguar XK 120

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The X120 put Jaguar no the map as sport cars manufacterer,  it was a car with incredible style and looks, a powerful six cylinder engine installed in an outstanding chassis… with a remarkably low price, a quarter that of a V12 Ferrari, of similar performance! 

This gorgeous XK120 competition roadster is one of the only 27 cars finished in this rare colour scheme of Lavender Grey paint with Biscuit and Red interior. The engine is a  3.4-litre developing 160hp.

1957 Jaguar XKSS

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This is a 2017 Jaguar XKSS….  yes, just built by Jaguar Classic engineering team. They will build nine completely new cars in 2017, about 1 millon USD for each, the “nine lost” cars.

Often referred to as the world’s first supercar, the XKSS was originally made by Jaguar as a road-going conversion of the Le Mans-winning D-type, which was built from 1954-1956. In 1957, nine cars earmarked for export to North America were lost in a fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in the British Midlands; meaning just 16 examples of XKSS were built.

The ‘new original’ Jaguar XKSS is a perfect recreation of the original, with the Smiths gauges, everything from the wood of the steering wheel, to the grain of the leather seats is precisely as it would have been in 1957.   Minor specification changes have been made only to improve driver and passenger safety.  It is estimated that 10,000 man hours will go into building each one.


2014 Mark 2 by Ian Callum

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Jaguar design director Ian Callum’s reimagined 1959 Mark 2 sedan. In collaboration with Classic Motor Cars (CMC) they have build this gorgeous and unique Mark 2 for his own personal use.

Once unveiled this car has become a worldwide sensation, so CMC will build a limited run of cars for customers.

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