2017 Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabrio

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“Breathtaking proportions”: a good sentence to describe this gorgeous concept from Mercedes.  I love the last designs from Mercedes, so pure, so simple… a philosophy they named “Sensual Purity design”.

Powered by a 738-hp fully electric powertrain with 24-inch wheels featuring 26 spokes and a rose-gold center lock. Coloured in Nautical Blue Metallic this cabrio is a version of the 2017 Maybach Vision 6 . Look at that grille with 25 vertical slats, probably will be the new face of the sub-brand Maybach (for hi-luxury cars from Mercedes, to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley).



2017 Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6

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A huge hood, powerful proportions for this deep red beauty!  Mercedes said: “reinterpretation of classic aero-coupes”, I say: “you have to become real this incredible concept!”

You are expecting a V12… but guys, these days belongs to Watts:  It has a 738-horsepower electric engine.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT R

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Green Hell Magno it’s the colour… a reference to Jackie Stewart’s famous description of what the Nürburgring was “a green hell”.  Declaring this AMG the most sportive of all the family.  With a big fixed wing, a new grille and wider front and rear fenders.

Enjoy this nice car with a 577-hp 4.0-liter V-8 engine twin-turbo near his “cousin”, a bot from Cigarette Racing.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster

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Say welcome to the cabrio version of the 2015 AMG GT.  This gorgeous C model has a wider rear track to control a 4.0-litre V8 engine with 547hp. What a car! My birthday will be soon, don’t forget it 😉




2015 Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA

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More and more we are seeing active aerodynamic on nowadays cars. Elements that constantly adjust to get more speed, or in this case, to improve efficiency. This “wow” concept, transforms into aero mode when you get more than 50 miles per hour. The rear of the concept stretches over 15 inches to guide air down the tail. Flaps in the bumpers also extend outward, and the wheels adjust to improve the flow around the sides. To trim things out underneath, a portion inside the front bumper moves, as well.

So you get to an incredible low drag coefficent of 0.19! Add a plug-in hybrid engine and you get great efficiency.

Gran Turismo concept cars

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I thought the videogames would be the only place where you can admire and/or drive classic cars. You know, sometimes it’s becoming hard to find good pics of some classic cars.

But now, videogames not only store the past of motor industry, they are also creating the future. One of the most important car’s videogame ever created, Gran Turismo, thru its creator Kazunori Yamauchi’s, ask manufacturers to build concept cars for his game version 6.  Results are so interesting because brands can imagine new car designs being free of restrictions or limitations.

A lot of brands has created a virtual concept or even a real one.
– 2013 Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo,
– 2014 BMW GT6 Concept
– 2014 Subaru Vision GT
– 2014 Mitsubishi XR-PHEV concep
– 2014 Toyota Vision Gran Turismo (based on FT-1)
– 2014 Aston Martin DP-100
– 2014 Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo
– 2014 Infiniti Vision GT Concept
– 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI Roadster Worthersee
– 2014 Chevrolet Chaparral 2X
– 2014 Mazda LM55
– 2015 Renault Alpine

Even Red Bull, with tech genius Adrian Newey, has designed the RB X2014.

2015 Mercedes AMG-GT

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It’s the second car entirely developed by AMG, the first was the gorgeous 2009 SLS.
The SLS was a really nice and special car, with gullwings doors, this GT it’s the little brother.

This car will fight in size, power and price against the mytical Porsche 911, with a biturbo 4-litre V8’s in a front-mid position.

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