1975 Opel GT/W Geneve

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Designed by GM Stylist Clare MacKichan, the Opel GT was an eye catcher sport car concept. With a Wankel-type rotary engine (named GT/W – W for Wankel). However, GM dropped its Wankel development program before the car was completed. Opel Design renamed it and exhibited its fiberglass mock-up as an eye-catcher at the show.

One unusual feature of the Opel GT was the operation of the pop-up headlights. They were manually operated, by way of a large lever along the center console next to the shifter.


2016 Opel GT Concept

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Like the original 1968 Opel GT, this new GT features a gorgeous design with a long hood and a body wrapped tightly around the wheel openings.  Two-colour body and a original red line running from behind the front wheel to the rear window, and also the red tires make this concept a little bit sexy.
A small and light concept, with “downsized” engine a la mode: 1.0 3-cyl with 145 hp.

1968 Opel GT

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1968 The Opel GT is a 2 door coupé body style by Opel, a German company owned by General Motors. A nice and small car designed by Brissonneau & Lotz.

Its styling has been likened to the 1968 Chevrolet Corvette which went on sale in September 1967. Both with “Coca-cola bottle shape” design.

Rear wheel drive, a front located engine of 4 cyl  and 1.9 litre capacity, 88 bhp.

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