1952 Pegase Z-102 Cúpula Coupé

Another car from my beloved city: Barcelona.  Pegaso, during 50’s built the Z-102. With a V8 360hp engine, racing-derived chassis and cutting edge technology for that time. Top Z-102 models were capable of 155 mph, being the fastest sports cars in the world (could out-run the Ferraris of the era and the famous Mercedes 300SL). A […]

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1952 Pegaso Z102 Spider Rabassada

A race car from Pegaso (the spanish brand that was sited in Barcelona), a nice shark nose design. And a racing name, because Rabassada it’s the name of a famous curved road on Barcelona. An old racing road, and nowadays a regular road full of young people trying to demonstrate they are great car and […]

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1951 Pegaso Z102

I’m proud of posting a car from Barcelona where i was born.  Today it’s not easy to imagine it, but in the early 1950s the most advanced and fastest road car was built not in Italy, Germany or England but in Spain.  Wilfredo Ricart built some nice cars named “Pegaso and use the mythical flying […]

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