2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII

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A new Phantom, the 8th, with the classic styling: long hood, a giant C-pillar shape and of course, the grille. A grille more curved than usual on this model, surrounding the bodywork. Looking for a cleaner and more simple design, as the lack of carved indents on the sides.  Not easy to differentiate from VII, except for the slight difference designed front lights. Big brand are becoming a little bit conservative, trying to find a personality and an easy identification. See last X3, X5, Q5, Q7, etc.

563 hp 6.75-litre V12 engine, this time is not aspirated, Phantom also enter the twin-turbo era.


1925 Rolls Royce Phantom I Aerodynamic Coupe

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Custom coachbuilding of the 1920s and 1930s was the ultimate form of self-expression for the rich and famous. Jonckheere Carrossiers of Belgium re-bodied a 1925 Phantom I. They dared to modify the traditional Rolls-Royce vertical grill. And also they added rounded doors! and a nice bullet-shaped headlights. Unfortunately the Jonckheere records were destroyed in a fire and it remains unknown who commissioned or designed this one-off masterpiece with just one objective: to impress all who see it. Enjoy this 6-cyl 102hp gorgeous car.

2017 Rolls Royce

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Rolls Royce latest creation is a custom-built car for a “collector”… a one-off coupe named Sweptail. With a special rear, a kind of  “boat tail” design. A lot of wood and leather, of course. Just a strange model from RR, but I love the front…  next RR will keep this design?

2016 Rolls Royce Dawn

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A new Rolls-Royce Dawn, the previous 1952 Dawn was a gorgeous car.

This new is a luxury convertible, with 6.6 l V12. Not so gorgeous than the 50’s one, but Rolls-Royce claims this Dawn is the quietest convertible in the world.

1952 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn Convertible

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A nice car built from 1949 to 1955, with a straight six 4,257cc engine. 761 examples were produced, just 24 chassis were clothed by London coachbuilder Park Ward, and just six of those were given the flowing and elegant Drophead Coupe body. As the one you can see on this pics, with the classic 2-colour painting from Rolls Royce, this time in Midnight Blue and Shell Grey.

2014 Rolls Royce Ghost (series II)

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Some minor design changes can be a good excuse to enjoy again pics of Rolls Royce Phantom.
Pay attention to the spirit of ecstasy as ornament hood, it´s illuminated.

The Great Gatsby

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Fitzgerald was clear on the book: Gatsby has predilection for English luxury and he owned a Rolls-Royce.  So, the car could have been a 1922 Silver Ghost (three first pictures on this post).

In 2013 film instead, we’ll find a really nice american car, a Duesenber Model J (no matter that was born 7 years after Gatsby fiction death).  Of course, the race cars on the movie are with replica car, not 3M$ real ones 😉

Both are gorgeous cars that I like to share with u.

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