2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII

A new Phantom, the 8th, with the classic styling: long hood, a giant C-pillar shape and of course, the grille. A grille more curved than usual on this model, surrounding the bodywork. Looking for a cleaner and more simple design, as the lack of carved indents on the sides.  Not easy to differentiate from VII, except for […]

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2017 Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce latest creation is a custom-built car for a “collector”… a one-off coupe named Sweptail. With a special rear, a kind of  “boat tail” design. A lot of wood and leather, of course. Just a strange model from RR, but I love the front…  next RR will keep this design?

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2016 Rolls Royce Dawn

A new Rolls-Royce Dawn, the previous 1952 Dawn was a gorgeous car. This new is a luxury convertible, with 6.6 l V12. Not so gorgeous than the 50’s one, but Rolls-Royce claims this Dawn is the quietest convertible in the world.

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The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald was clear on the book: Gatsby has predilection for English luxury and he owned a Rolls-Royce.  So, the car could have been a 1922 Silver Ghost (three first pictures on this post). In 2013 film instead, we’ll find a really nice american car, a Duesenber Model J (no matter that was born 7 years […]

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