2014 Volkswagen XL Sport

I know, this is a time for hi-tech hypersports cars like LaFerrari, McLaren P1, or Porsche 918. But, in my opinion, something more interesting is happening. Some future car are arriving to our shops. Cars that are hybrid, but more important, very light and aerodynamic. For example, the BMW i8. Or the 2014 Volkswagen XL1. […]

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2014 Volkswagen XL1

Travel 100 kilometers on a single liter of fuel. That’s the Volkswagen promise for this car. Notice that is not a concept car, you can buy it. To achieve that objective, the hybrid XL1 has as heart an 800-cc 2-cylinder diesel engine with 48-hp plus a 27-hp electric motor.  And a light (<800kg) and aerodynamic […]

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MoMa – Car Collection

Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York has a kind of sanctuary for the modern and contemporary art.  They have a car collection… ¿Are you curious about which 6 cars were chosen by Moma?  Some of them are obvious, but there is a lot of surprises… look! 1. Cisitalia “202” GT Car. 1946 2. Jeep […]

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2006 Volkswagen IROC

I love the new Scirocco, probably the hottest hatchback u can buy nowadays. But… man, the concept was better than the production car. Watch the pics and say if i’m right. A very nice car, and as i said in other posts, sometimes u can get gorgeous cars without spending a lot of money. As […]

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