2013 Eagle Low Drag GT

November, 2013 § Leave a comment

Eagle is a UK company that builds modern cars inspired by one of the most gorgeous cars ever: Jaguar E-type. I’ve already posted an incredible car from this guys: 2011 Eagle E-Type Lightweight Speedster. Now they have built the new Eagle Low Drag GT and… I’ve fallen in love! I promise if i’ve got money from lottery, I’ll try to buy this car!

If you’ve always thought, as Enzo Ferrari did, that Jaguar E-type is the most beatiful car in the world. You have to think twice. This car it’s a tribute to the wonderful 1962 Jaguar Low Drag Coupe. Jaguar made only one car with this perfectly proportioned lightweight body. But Eagle (http://www.eaglegb.com) made again possible owning one.


2011 Eagle E-Type Lightweight Speedster

August, 2011 § 1 Comment

I love people that bring old classic beauty to our streets. Like Eagle, a Jaguar restoration specialist, that builds the “Eagle E-Type Lightweight Speedster” bases in the 1960 Jaguar E-Type. I really love those cars…

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