1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV

Gooding & Company’s will auction the very last Ford GT40 Mk. IV. The last of 12 GT40 chassis built by Ford for 1967. And when it was built, it was really just a chassis built as a spare for the cars Ford took to Le Mans. Now, it’s been completed, has a V8 525 hp… and it’s […]

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1961 The Little Deuce Coupe

Some of you may recognize this car from an LP album cover: The Beach Boy’s 1963 hit, “Little Deuce Coupe.”   There is a lot of gorgeous Hot rods, customized cars, using old 30’s Ford Model 18 (called deuces).  Throughout the 1950s, Fords from the early 1930s were plentiful and inexpensive. Car-crazy young men customized […]

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2017 Ford GT

60’s Ford GT it’s one of the most gorgeous cars ever.  It’s a nice history about racing Le Mans, and beating Ferrari after a failed buying process of the italian brand by Ford.    This history continues on with a nice retro designed 2003 Ford GT and the 2006 Ford GTX1. And now comes another chapter […]

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1956 Ford Thunderbird

This convertible Ford was created as a retort to 50’s Chevrolet Corvette. Although has a V8 engine, it’s not a sport car, it’s more about movie stars touring Hollywood roads on the sunset. This car became an instant classic, and the first of an interesting Thunderbird family, the last was born in 2002 and lasted […]

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2015 Ford Mustang

Is always worthy to meet a new edition of the most famous American muscle car. The new Mustang face looks a bit like a coupe version of Fusion (Mondeo in Europe), but anyway, I think it’s very nice and more people will be interested in this car due to some tech evolution (finally has independent […]

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